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ff1 update: great britain

The BBC continue to excel in their coverage of the season, especially given all the politics that seem to be bogging the sport down at the moment. I particularly liked the feature on the pit crews. What was your favourite?

I thought that this race would have shaken the table up a bit more, but perhaps that will happen if Vettel and Red Bull continue to improve at their current pace.

Until next time…

1 Lynne Rodden The Gherkins 2525
2 Tracy Forster Wacky Racers 2415
3 Peter Jones No Driver Aids 2332.5
4 +1 Simon Rodden Last Minute 2280
5 -1 John Rhodes The Peasants Revolt 2268.5
6 +1 Chris Illingworth Brains 2231.5
7 -1 Susanna Rodden Susie’s Stars 2207.5
8 Phil Smith Diffuser Debacles 2187.5
9 Sean Fleet Roadkill 2153.5
10 +1 Ruth Moore Curse of KERS 2138.5
11 +1 Helen B Foxy Five 2018
12 -2 Andy Moore Mooresport 1968
13 David Holland Xanthor’s Avengers 1682
14 Gaynor Bingham Bingleys 1642.5
15 Ruthe Holden Dooby 1631
16 Howard Moore Clueless but Enthusiastic 1597.5
17 Andy Showell-Rogers Eat My Dust 1517
18 Josh Rodden Creme Egg 1303.5

ff1 update: turkey

Here is the latest update for the Fantasy Formula 1 league following another exciting race, in Turkey.

With all the controversy surrounding next season and its disputed regulations, perhaps now would be a good time to kick-off our own discussion on the rules for next year. What changes, if any, would you like to make to the FF1 scoring system for next year? Would you prefer to have just two drivers rather than three? Greater penalties for retirements? Scoring for only the first eight finishers, more reflective of the real formula one?

If you need a recap of how this season is scored, you can find out more here.

Add your thoughts and comments at the end of this post.

1 Lynne Rodden The Gherkins 2199
2 +1 Tracy Forster Wacky Racers 2058
3 +2 Peter Jones No Driver Aids 2011.5
4 -2 John Rhodes The Peasants Revolt 2005.5
5 +1 Simon Rodden Last Minute 1998
6 +1 Susanna Rodden Susie’s Stars 1968.5
7 -3 Chris Illingworth Brains 1966.5
8 Phil Smith Diffuser Debacles 1933.5
9 Sean Fleet Roadkill 1896.5
10 Andy Moore Mooresport 1807
11 Ruth Moore Curse of KERS 1790.5
12 Helen B Foxy Five 1743
13 +2 David Holland Xanthor’s Avengers 1471
14 +2 Gaynor Bingham Bingleys 1448.5
15 -2 Ruthe Holden Dooby 1388
16 -2 Howard Moore Clueless but Enthusiastic 1334.5
17 Andy Showell-Rogers Eat My Dust 1267
18 Josh Rodden Creme Egg 1047.5

Voting for real change?

Daniel got me thinking with his last post, and here are my thoughts…

“Thank you for being open with your position, and giving some explanation for it. As someone who is easily confused by these things, it helps solidify some of my own thinking too.

I think I would stand with you on some-most of these issues, particularly on small, local government. However, I still have questions about how this applies in a fast-changing world where national boundaries are increasingly blurred, and where it becomes increasingly difficult to control a global economy to ensure the welfare of all, not just the wealthy or powerful.

For example, I would like to buy from local producers as much as possible, and yet I often have to make decisions that have a global impact. Where consumer is less directly-linked to producer, do we need some form of government that helps protect the powerful from perpetuating the slavery of the vulnerable? And if so, what does that / should that look like, from a Biblical perspective?

I don’t say that because I believe in the EU, but because I struggle with, well, actually even being conscious of the wider impact of many of my decisions, to be frank. Living in light of the gospel should shape all of my decisions, and yet I rarely take time to think beyond ‘convenience’.

Having been out and voted today, one thing I was quite startled by was the number of ‘nationalistic’ parties represented on the ballot paper for the European Parliament. Is the only non-EU option to be inward looking, bigoted and self-serving, which would seem to be the manifesto of the BNP, UKIP and ‘Britain First’? How should we vote to reflect the gospel call to love our neighbour as ourself, even when this is costly? Do we want fewer immigrants in the UK because caring for the needy would have an impact on our comfortable lifestyle?

These questions are as much to myself as anything else, and are not intended to be pointed comments in response to what you have written – rather they have been provoked by what you have written, and come for a deeply unsettled view that the gospel needs to have a much greater impact in our nation and in our world – what are we doing about it?”

“Listen to me, my people;
hear me, my nation:
The law will go out from me;
my justice will become a light to the nations.”
- Isaiah 51:4