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a social media prayer

To close our World & World session last night – looking at the topic of new media and social networks – I prayed the following prayer:

Father God, thank you that you are a God who communicates, a God who has spoken. Thank you for your word, the bible, and for the word made flesh. As we desire to serve you, and communicate you to a world who needs to see you clearly, will you help us to live for you in all of the places you call us to, whether online or offline. Thank you that you are Lord of the Universe, and Lord of the University. Thank you that you are the Lord of facebook, of twitter, of google+, and of all the media that are yet to come. And thank you for this community you have called us to be a part of. Thank you for the many ways we can express that community. We want to pray for those who can’t be with us – that by our use of technology we can even in some small way capture and communicate all that you are saying to us here, and of our sense of partnership with our wider family. Lord we love you, and long for you to be made known amongst the nations, that every knee would bow and confess you as Lord. Help us as we desire to be part of your communications plan, in word, status update, tweet, and deed. For your glory we pray. Amen.

Andy Moore

I work as Head of Global Communications for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), having previously worked with Compudava (now Endava) in Moldova, building web applications, and for Wesley Management, working with small businesses and charities. I have a passion to see intelligent application of digital technology to serve the Church and mission. Married to the lovely Ruth.



And thank you for people like Andy Moore, Andy Shudall, James Doc, the photographers, videographers, facebookers, tweeters and so many others that help those who can’t be there (for the whole time at least!) to share what is going on and feel an integral part of the community even from a distance. Thank you Lord for equipping them and enthusing them to share with us the wonders of this special event. Amen

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