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how long is a day?

If you thought the concept of the IFES World Student Day was confusing – squeezing 48 hours into one day – you should try reading Augustine on time.

And yet, Lord, we perceive intervals of times, and compare them,
and say, some are shorter, and others longer. We measure also, how
much longer or shorter this time is than that; and we answer, “This
is double, or treble; and that, but once, or only just so much as
that.” But we measure times as they are passing, by perceiving them;
but past, which now are not, or the future, which are not yet, who
can measure? unless a man shall presume to say, that can be measured,
which is not. When then time is passing, it may be perceived and measured;
but when it is past, it cannot, because it is not.

If you’d like to read more, do get a copy of The Confessions of St Augustine.

And if you’d like to know more about the IFES World Student Day (Friday 21 October 2011), check out the web page, facebook page, twitter account, and the #ifeswsd hash tag. Oh, and there’s a promotional video coming very soon.

Andy Moore

I work as Head of Global Communications for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), having previously worked with Compudava (now Endava) in Moldova, building web applications, and for Wesley Management, working with small businesses and charities. I have a passion to see intelligent application of digital technology to serve the Church and mission. Married to the lovely Ruth.

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