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Truth and beauty.

UPDATE: Since I posted this blog yesterday, there appears to have been some genuinely helpful dialogue between Kevin DeYoung and Jeff Bethke, resulting in this great post. Given my own rant-in-response I felt compelled to leave the following comment on that blog post:

“Thank you so much, to both of you, for taking the sting out of this ‘difference of perspective’ and demonstrating true grace and gospel unity, allowing others to observe you working this out with humility. May we all learn from this and God be praised.”

Some days I can see why people dislike Christians.

Often these (bad) days are prompted for me when truth-loving Christians misunderstand art.

I believe the truth of the gospel is beautiful, and worth defending. I also love art and want to see the gospel presented creatively, in ways that engage people who would never dream of stepping through the doors of a church.

You may have seen this video doing the rounds on facebook and twitter. I wasn’t going to join the band wagon until I came across this post, which sets about critiquing the words of the poem, painfully, verse by verse. It seems the crux of the argument is the definition of ‘religion’, but I do wonder if Kevin DeYoung could have better spent his time looking to learn something from the poem’s presentation than writing a blog post that will do nothing but please people who already agree with him. Would he critique a testimony given at his church on a Sunday morning in quite the same way?

On a more positive note, I think you’ll enjoy this beautiful presentation of some truth.

Every Breath from tj pieszka on Vimeo.

Andy Moore

I work as Head of Global Communications for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), having previously worked with Compudava (now Endava) in Moldova, building web applications, and for Wesley Management, working with small businesses and charities. I have a passion to see intelligent application of digital technology to serve the Church and mission. Married to the lovely Ruth.

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