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Undivided 2012

Today (5 April) sees the start of the IFES Europe student evangelism conference in Gyor, Hungary.

I’m planning to trial Storify as a means of documenting the event based on what is being discussed and shared online. I’m not at the event myself, but I hope the storify stream below will help give a flavour of what is happening and how people are responding. I see potential in using storify as a means to document other IFES events as they happen around the world. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Google’s self-driving car.

A well-produced video from Google, demonstrating their self-driving car.


  •  I enjoy driving.


  • Has the potential to make the roads much safer and more efficient, increasing the capacity of existing road networks (especially by reducing the number of ‘middle-lane hogs’ on motorways).
  • There could be fewer, and more centralised car parks. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can instruct the car to park itself.
  • Could radically change the idea of ‘car ownership’, with the ability to rent/hire a vehicle on a per-trip basis. Massive environmental benefits.

How would you feel about having/using a car like this? Add a comment below.